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Pekon Labuhan Mandi on the West Coast, many store the potential of medicinal plants that can be utilized. So that Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai University implements a community service program through a mentoring method that will be organized by the Faculty of Economics, Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai University with the target of KSU munyai mekhawan Labuhan Mandi members and the Mandi Labuhan community who contribute to the manufacture of herbal medicine, especially the women's business group processing herbs. (Spice) in the form of training activities. From the results of these activities, it can be concluded that the implementation of this training received a positive and enthusiastic response from the KSU Muway Mekhawan member group because of the increased knowledge possessed by the usah group, and the hassle to be developed and become additional household income. Based on the activities that have been done, Pengabdi hopes that there will be other community service programs that can increase community income through household businesses.


Keywords: Training; Herbal Medicine; Packaging; Labeling


Received 01 March 2022, Revised 10 March 2022, Accepted 29 April 2022




Labuhan Mandi Hamlet was once part of Mountain Pekon Kumala. They inhabited this region originally to collect resin and other non-timber forest products.  Along with the demands of needs and population development in 2007, Mountain Pekon Kumala was expanded to 3 pekon, namely : (i). Mountain Pekon; (ii) Mountain Pekon Kumala Timur and (iii) Pekon Labuhan Mandi. Pekon Labuhan Mandi was determined definitively in December 2008 by the Regent of West Lampung (Ir.Hi.Erwin Nizar, MSc). To run the government, Irwan Hakim was appointed as the interim official (PjS) head of the pekon. In mid-2009, the election of the head of the pekon was conducted directly, Where Irwan Hakim was elected as the head of the pekon with a term of office from 2009 to 2015. The current head of Pekonyang (2016 - 2022) is Husni Tamrin who was elected in the 2015 pekon head election.

Geographically Pekon Labuhan Mandi is a pekon that belongs to the coastal area of the Indian Ocean, because the distance of the Bath Labuhan plant with the beach is approximately 5 KM. Since 2012 Pekon Labuhan Mandi is included in the administrative area of West Coast Regency, precisely in the Way Krui Subdistrict area.  This is because in that year there was an expansion of West Coast Regency from West Lampung Regency. Pekon Labuhan Mandi has an area of 583 hectares, Cleaved by the Krui – Liwa causeway where in the northern part is dominated by the hills of binoculars (agroforestry) resin.

Based on data from The Monograph of Pekon Labuhan Mandi (2018), the population of Labuhan Mandi is 1096 people with a sex ratio of 559 men and 537 women who are members of 239 households. The majority of the population is native to Lampung Krui, only a small part of the immigrant community is domiciled in this pekon. This becomes its own added value for Labuhan Mandi players so that local wisdom is still completely maintained such as the cultivation of resin binoculars that are characteristic of farmers in West Coast Districts. In the daily life of the people in this pekon speaks lampung language, but in formal meetings it is also used Indonesian as a language of instruction. Based on the proportion of the number of tribes in Labuhan Mandi, Lampung tribe dominates with 249 families, although there are also other tribes, namely javanese (3 KK) and Sundanese (2 KK). All residents of Labuhan Mandi embraced Islam as a religion of belief.

As one of the indigenous people of Lampung, the community in this pekon also has a cultural and social system that is still run today. Cultural and social expression is seen from some traditional events that are still carried out at certain or special events such as the birth of a baby, marriage, religion and rice harvest/garden

In February 2021, in Labuhan Mandi, a Cooperative of Savings and Business (KSU) Munyi Mekhawan was formed. This KSU is newly formed and lags behind the 4 villages that have existed KSU from 2019. On the way, the mothers who joined KSU were very excited. There are many things that you want to use as a business unit February 2021, in Labuhan Mandi, a Cooperative of Savings and Business (KSU) Munyi Mekhawan was formed. This KSU is newly formed and lags behind the 4 villages that have existed KSU from 2019. On the way, the mothers who joined KSU were very excited. There are many things you want to do as a business unit, so they want to learn how to make herbal medicines from plants. Seeing from the existing potential, Pekon Labuhan Mandi, many save the potential of medicinal plants that can be utilized. The author conducted Community Service activities in the women's group of herbal processing (Spice) business in the form of packaging and labeling training activities for KSU Munyai Mekhawan Pekon Labuhan Mandi, West Coast.

1.    Herbal Medicine

Health is the most basic human need. To maintain health or treat the disease, humans need medicine. Medicines and nurses that are now widely used are modern medicines that use synthetic chemical drugs and sophisticated tools. Nevertheless, modern medicine has many side effects for humans. The existence of modern medicine is growing, threatening the existence of traditional medicine that has long existed, Especially in Indonesia. On the other hand, referring to the philosophy of Eastern medicine, human existence is inseparable from the elements of the universe, which include water, fire, earth and air. The existence of man in the middle of life must be viewed holistically. When humans are disturbed by their health, the harmony of their lives is disturbed. It is at this time that man needs medicine to restore his health1 .

Traditional medicines use many natural elements such as plants, animals, minerals etc. Traditional medicine has side effects that are still acceptable to the human body so that it does not harm. Traditional herbal medicine is also the forerunner of modern medicine. Modern medicine developed from traditional medicine over the years.

The chemicals now used for medicine are mostly derived from chemicals contained by plants. According to who (World Health Organization) the definition of herbs is a plant whose plant parts are leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other parts of the plant, which may be entirely fragmented6.

While the definition of herbal medicine is the use of drugs to reduce, eliminate disease or cure a person from disease by using parts of the plant such as seeds, flowers, leaves, stems and roots which are then processed into herbal medicinal plants. Herbal medicine is part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) mendefinisikan CAM as a diverse group of medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine.

2.    Indonesian Natural Medicine

Indonesian Natural Medicine consists of herbal medicine and modern medicine Natural Indonesia. Herbal medicine is a traditional Indonesian medicine based on empirical data and does not require scientific to clinical proof. However, but must meet the security criteria in accordance with the requirements that have been set, the efficacy has been proven based on data empirical and must meet applicable quality requirements. Herbal medicine generally consists of 5-50 medicinal plants in powders, pills, drinks or liquids from several plants. Examples: Jamu Mrs. Mener, Antangin and Kuku Bima Gingseng (Rahayuda, 2016).

Standardized Herbal Medicine (OHT) is a traditional medicine that has been proven to be efficacy and safety pre-clinically (against experimental animals) and passed both acute and chronic toxicity tests. OHT is made from standardized materials such as extracts that meet quality parameters and are made in a hygienic way. For example: Reject angina, Diapet, Fitolac and Deepness (Rahayuda, 2016).

Phytoarmaka is a traditional medicine that has been tested for its efficacy through pre-clinical trials (in experimental animals) and clinical trials (in humans) and proven its safety through toxicity tests. Preclinical test itself follows several tests, namely: efficacy and toxicity tests, pharmaceutical technology tests to determine standardized identity or raw materials. Phytoarmaka is produced hygienically, quality according to established standards. Examples: Stimuno, Tensigard, Rheumaneer, X-gra and Nodiar (Rahayuda, 2016; Satria, 2013).

Traditional medicine is generally safer than modern medicine, because the content in traditional medicine is considered not so harsh than modern medicine. This is one of the reasons people choose to use traditional medicine. According to research conducted by Ismiyana (2013), People consider traditional medicine safer because it is made simply and does not contain chemicals. Basically, the principle of using traditional medicine is almost the same as modern medicine, if not used appropriately will bring bad effects. So, although traditional medicine is considered relatively safer than modern medicine, it still needs to be considered the intensity of its use.

Because not all herbs have properties and are safe to consume (Satria, 2013; Oxorn and Forte, 2010). As with using modern medicine, the use of traditional medicine must be rational and pay attention to the accuracy of its use. This is stipulated in Law No. 36 of 2009 on Health article 104 which states that the use of traditional medicines and medicines must be done rationally.




A. Form of Activity

The methods of activity used in imi assistance with the packaging and lebeling process at KSU Munyai Mekhawan Pekon Labuhan Mandi are as follows:



Gambar 1. Liputan media Lokal tentang kegiatan               Gambar 2. Proses pelaksanaan Pelatihan



1.    Lectures vary

This method is chosen to convey concepts that are important for society to understand and master. The use of this method with the consideration that the lecture method is combined with pictures and displays regarding the product of interest and provides materials related to effective and efficient sales techniques.

2.    Demonstration

This method was chosen to show a process of making products with vacuum, after which demonstrate the product's problem to make it more attractive such as colorful besek and paper bags, and demonstrate labeling the product so that the selling price becomes higher.              

3.    Exercises and Mentoring

After the demonstration, there will be follow-up related to its implementation for 1 month, and will listen to KSU members and the community in making good products, packaging and labeling products. It is expected that in this stage, the community has been able to implement all the processes.


Results and Discussion

The target audience in the devotional activities is a group of women processing herbs (spices) who are members of the Munyai Mekhawan Savings Group (KSU). On February 24, 2021, after going through several processes, a Business Savings Group (KSU) was formed under the name Munyai Mekhawan (Healthy and lucky / Lucky; Lampung language)  with

The number of founding members is 19 people. Currently, KSU member Munyai Mekhawan increased the number of members at this time by 32 people or increased by 13 people from the time of establishment of KSU, which is 19 people. with a total of money managed around 25 Million. The management structure is as follows: (1) Supervisory Board: Eva Yuliana (Mrs. Peratin); (2) Chairman: Risda Sari (PKK Member);  (3) Vice chairman: Fitri Ati (Pekon government staff); (4) Secretary: Rezky Yunando  /Redo (Head of Cadets Coral);  (5) Treasurer: Sri Rahayu (PKK Member);  (6) Deputy treasurer: Susila Wati (Group Manager of Mothers' Studies)

The targets of community service program activities through mentoring methods that will be organized by the Faculty of Economics, The Earth Ruwa Jurai University are members of KSU Munyai Mekhawan Labuhan Mandi and the Community of Labuhan Mandi. which contributes to the manufacture of herbal remedies.



From these results, it can also be concluded that the implementation of this training received a positive and enthusiastic response from the group of KSU members Muway Mekhawan because of the increased knowledge possessed by the business group, and the hassle to be developed and become additional household income.

Based on the activities that have been carried out, pengabdi hopes that there will be other community service programs that are able to increase community income through household businesses.



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